Aditya Sridhar

4th year Software Engineering | University of Waterloo





I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Waterloo pursuing Software Engineering, with a minor in Combinatorics and Optimization. I have a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures and am passionate about continually improving my analytical skills by solving algorithmic challenges.

I have over 8 years of programming experience in languages like C, C++, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby and C#. I have gained significant web development experience and look forward to using my tech stack to solve problems faced by the society. I have also developed excellent teamwork and management skills by participating in over half-dozen hackathons in US and Canada. Feel free to check out my projects below. I am also passionate about travelling and urban photography.


A web application that allows students to ask questions to the professor anonymously during lectures. Many students are fearful to ask questions to the professor during the lecture. This causes them to lag behind the class content and not understand upcoming topics. We observed that this problem was solved by Piazza, a widely used education portal. We wanted to take it to the next level by making the solution easier to use during lectures.

We made this in 36 hours at Hack The Planet, in Mountain View, CA. I pitched the idea to my teammates and we settled on using Flask, Parse and AngularJS for the application. I was responsible for creating a scalable backend for the application and integrating it with the front-end. Checkout the project on github

Fun fact: Anonimo is the Italian word for "anonymous". We didn't know that Piazza translated to "plaza" in Italian. It was a coincidence!


Whiteboard is web application that simplifies the way developers search and connect with other developers to build cool projects. We felt the need for a dedicated platform that helps developers find their right teammates for their projects. We hoped to sustain the developer network using this tool.

We used Node.js, MongoDB and JQuery to develop Whiteboard. We also used Facebook's Graph API for authentication. Although this was our first time participating in an hackathon, we won the Best Design Award at HackWaterloo. Checkout the project on github

Skip The Wait

A tool to reduce the wait times at walk-in clinics by allowing patients to view the clinics near their current location, reserve a spot in the queue and explain their medical situation before the visit. Patients tend to wait a lot at walk-in clinics to be treated which is quite frustrating. This tool will hopefully solve this problem

We used the mean stack (Node.js, AngularJS and MongoDB) for the development. We also used the Google API for the maps and to find the nearest clinic. I built the frontend infrastucture in AngularJS. This enabled us to fetch data from our server which is a RESTful service. We also used JSON web tokens as an authentication tool for our API. Created in 36 hours at Hack The North. Checkout the project on github

Transit Check

An online platform that informs users about unexpected timing mismatches in public transit system by sending transit alerts in the form of text messages. Our team felt that discrepancies in public transit are bound to happen and they tend to disturb the public's schedule. One way to solve the problem is to equip people with a community driven tool that they can use to mitigate the effects.

We used Node.js and MongoDB for the hackathon. We integrated Twilio to send text messages from the server and used Kimono to scrape TTC's website and provide us real-time transit schedules. Checkout the project on github